Auralisation is a recent technology which allows inclusion of human sound perception in the assessment of noise scenarios. In combination with visualisation, it offers new and intuitive means to effectively describe and communicate problems related to noise and vibration which are produced in the railway environment due to train operation.

SILVARSTAR will bring novel software tools to the railway engineering community that are based on the latest scientific developments and will support the assessment of noise and vibration impact of new and upgraded railway lines on the built environment.

The novel modular hybrid vibration prediction tool will be equipped with a user-friendly GUI and an interface with GIS software. This prototype will be fully integrated in the existing noise mapping software and will result in a unique software platform that, for the first time, will allow engineers to conduct noise and vibration environmental impact studies within the same integrated software environment, contrary to other vibration prediction tools and noise mapping software presently available on the market. The proposed hybrid modular approach offers full modelling flexibility at every stage of the design process.

A second innovation of SILVARSTAR lies in the coupling of current Virtual Reality (VR) technology to environmental impact assessment and digital prototyping in the railway sector. SILVARSTAR will produce novel ready-to-use auralisation and VR software tools and create a unique VR system for railway noise demonstration.